ClaroSwiss, a brand of Aquis Wasser-Luft-System GmbH, was born in Switzerland more than two decades ago. In Switzerland people enjoy the probably best native water in the world and they love to drink their “mountain water” directly from the tab.

In such a perfect environment the only motivation to work with water was to protect household appliances from calcification. With unique ideas and technically ambitious developments we rapidly became the global benchmark in that area. Invigorated by this success we were looking for new challenges and they came up during travels to our customers abroad. Critical water quality in many countries inspired us to develop systems filtering contaminations out of the water, but preserving healthy, native ingredients like Calcium and Magnesium. Let’s bring clean and healthy water, like in the SWISS Alps, to people anywhere in the world. 

After all these years our Research & Development with its international team of scientists and engineers, we are still located in the SWISS Alps and working strictly according to our brand values. Today we are a globally operating company with local networks – like in China - to be close to our customers.

Brand Concept

People who have ever enjoyed the benefits of a ClaroSwiss water filter know how our pioneering products inspire confidence and pleasure in water. “Clean water – healthy life“ is our philosophy, born out of our SWISS passion and commitment to provide clean and healthy water everywhere in the world. It is the desire of our scientists, engineers and sales people to develop, manufacture and distributes technically ambitious - but even more important – practical and useful products with ergonomic and hygienic design.

Our success is a satisfied and happy consumer with a better quality of life!

Brand Value

In modern society integrity is a critical factor for success. Peoples trust is earned by respecting and living values – our company’s values. In ClaroSwiss we are committed to four central values, which determine our thinking and actions.

  • Fascination

    We are fascinated
    by the greatness
    and power of
    untouched nature.
  • High standards

    We are dedicated
    to develop
    better solutions.
  • Commitment

    We are reliable,
    transparent and
    have people’s
    well-being in mind.
  • Responsibility

    We are responsible
    in regard to our
    customers but also
    to the environment.

Any philosophy is only as good as its implementation and it’s a permanent duty to remind each other of this.

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