ClaroSwiss K

ClaroSwiss K 1
ClaroSwiss K 1

ClaroSwiss K

ClaroSwiss K kitchen filters deliver cleaner, softer, healthier and great tasting water, straight from the kitchen tap!

The unique combination of a lime reduction- and stabilization stage, with it's sophisticated purification function delivers perfect water for delicious cold- and hot drinks and protects your kitchen equipment efficiently from lime scale, at the same time!

The ClaroSwiss water filter is up-to-date with the ambition to follow a more ecologic lifestyle, as the water doesn’t have to be bottled and transported on long distances all over the world.

ClaroSwiss K filter cartridges fit to ClaroSwiss filter heads and are available in different sizes in order to allow an adaptation to different feed water qualities and to upscale for higher daily consumption.

The ClaroSwiss K water filter is a perfect alternative to mineral water at a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water, a win-win situation for the consumers’ wallet and for the environment.

ClaroSwiss K

Reduces harmful substances and contaminations, e.g.:

> Organics reduction (harmful pesticides, VOC, etc...)
> Heavy metal reduction (toxic lead, copper, mercury,etc...)
> Removes taste and odour (such as chlorine, humic, etc...)
> 0.5 micron fine filter block (takes out micro particles)
> Radio nuclides (e.g. radium and uranium)

Protects kitchen appliances from calcification and related malfunctions (leakage, corrosion,..):

> Reduction of water hardness and TDS-content
> Calcium stabilization
> Ensure a well balanced content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, in the filtrate.

Features bacteria inhibition
High flow-rate / high capacity