ClaroSwiss Classic

ClaroSwiss Classic 1
ClaroSwiss Classic 1

ClaroSwiss Classic

ClaroSwiss Classic water filtration cartridges, for the simple preparation of pure, fresh and soft - filtered water for the best taste of food and beverages like tea, coffee, soft-drinks, etc.

4- step filtration:

  1. Coarse filter holds back particels and sediments.
  2. Ion-selective filter media reduces lead, copper and scale and prevents your home appliances from calcification.
  3. Organics adsorber reduces undesireable taste and odor as well as harmful contaminants.
  4. Fine-filter holds back finest particles and protects sensitive home appliances (water kettle, coffee machines, irons)

ClaroSwiss Classic water filter cartridges fit in the most common water filter jugs of other manufacturers with CLASSIC filter cartridge.

ClaroSwiss Classic

Reduces harmful substances and contaminations, e.g.:

  • > Particles and sediments
  • > Pharmaceutical residues
  • > Radio nuclides (e.g. radium and uranium)
  • > Harmful heavy metals (lead, copper,..)
  • > Dissolved organic substances (e.g. pesticides)

Reduces water hardness and protects your home appliances from calcifications and related malfunctions (corrosion, leakage,..)

Recommended period of use:
up to 100 l filtrate