ClaroSwiss filter cartridges

ClaroSwiss filter cartridges 1ClaroSwiss filter cartridges 2
ClaroSwiss filter cartridges 1ClaroSwiss filter cartridges 2

ClaroSwiss filter cartridges

ClaroSwiss water filter cartridges, for a simple preparation of pure and enjoyable water, for improved well-being and the preparation of perfect meals and beverages like coffee, tea, soft-drinks, etc.
With the ClaroSwiss water filtration cartridge you use the most recent generation of filter cartridges which is based on IMC®-technology (Intelligent Mineral Control).

ClaroSwiss filter cartridges with IMC®-technolgy are based on the upstream-filtration technology which makes it clearly different compared to other water jug filtration cartridges. This way, a well-balanced mineral content, especially valid for calcium and magnesium, is achieved, while your kitchen-appliances are effectively protected from calcification during the whole lifetime of the filter cartridge. At the same time, critical contaminants and undesired odor and taste (e.g. chlorine), are removed!

ClaroSwiss water filter cartridges fit into all Säntis water filtration jugs and to most of the available jugs of other manufacturers with an oval-shaped filter cartridge.

ClaroSwiss filter cartridges

Reduce harmful substances and contaminations, e.g.:

  • > Particles and sediments
  • > Pharmaceutical residues
  • > Radio nuclides (e.g. radium and uranium)
  • > Harmful heavy metals (lead, copper,..)
  • > Dissolved organic substances (e.g. pesticides)

IMC®-technolgy (Intelligent Mineral Conrol):
Ensures a well balanced content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium in the filtrate.

Reduce water hardness and protects your home appliances from calcifications and related malfunctions (corrosion, leakage,..)

Recommended period of use:
up to 150 l filtrate